Sakebomb Location, 4215 University Dr, Durham, NC 27707

Sakebomb is an Asian Restaurant located 4215 University Dr, Durham, NC 27707. We had been here a couple times pre-COVID but had stopped since sushi includes raw fish and wouldn’t be cooked. When it’s cooked, it’s quite obvious that heat is projected onto the food, making a lot of bacteria or germs go away, in this case, COVID. Sakebomb has a large variety of foods, not only sushi. But in this case we had just ordered sushi. So when ordering make sure to appreciate that and maybe also try something else.

I would recommended Sakebomb to anyone who is looking for an Asian Restaurant to go to but is worried about the germs and how easily COVID actually spreads.

Sakebomb is around ten minutes away where I live so it isn’t that long of a drive. Sakebomb is also located in the same Parkway plaza, there also is a Saladelia located there. Parkway plaza is in fact really close to our school and you most likely will encounter it when driving home. So if you want to grab some Sakebomb after school, you easily can. When ordering you have to walk into the restaurant and you just exchange for the food itself. There is also delivery, but no dine in (a good thing).

They put everything we had ordered into one plastic container with the 4 sushi rolls well spaced out. If you order some food for 4-6 people, judging on how much food you order they will put it in two different containers so they are well spaced out. I cant really say anything bad about the packaging besides that the wasabi and ginger were next to my roll so parts were a bit hot.

I ordered a normal California roll, cream cheese, crab, and avocado. I also shared some of a volcano roll. The texture was really creamy and the seaweed wasn’t crunchy or hard, it was actually pretty soft. It didn’t taste artificial and just tasted like genuine fresh crab. 

This is an efficient restaurant with a large variety of food. I think people should try it out.